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masina-pescomIn the time of diets, passion for going thin but also of a bigger and bigger interest for a healthy alimentation, eating fish is much recommended. What recommends it is its nutritional value. Fish meat contains: proteins (more then 18%), phosphor, yod, group B vitamins, A and D vitamins, fats in small quantities.

Many investigations showed that the acids from fish meat form a sort of protector shield for the organism. It is responsible for a low rhythm of heart affection. Also it was proved that the acids lower the possibility of apparition of other heart diseases.


In a study made at the Harvard University of USA it was proved that some acids from fishes have a good influence for the human’s emotions. 30 persons witch presented disorders behaviors were tested. Some of them with fish oil, some with olive oil, also with the standard drugs for those affection. After 4 month, 65% of the persons that were treated with fish oil were feeling better, comparing with 19% from those that were treated with olive oil.